Pre-Primary Grading App

The Pre-Primary Grading App

Struggle no more with Pupils’ Result. With a click of a button print or send result via email to all your students’ parents at once.

Good for all educational institutions, where learning is measured for pre-primary school pupils.

By Gbenga Ayanfe

Pre-Primary Grading App is a Simple, Editable, Effective and User-friendly School Grade Maker. It runs off-line on Microsoft Excel, designed with Ms VBA.


Features of  Pre-Primary Grading App

  • It is a macro-enabled excel app therefore, it opens up in excel.
  • It is editable and can be customized to meet your needs.
  • It runs off-line. you only need the internet to send mails.
  • It is easy to use and user-friendly.
  • It designed on per-class basis but, can be copied and used for any number of classes in the school.
  • You can send mails via outlook, gmail or yahoo.
  • It measures and analyses Cognitive, Psychomotor and Affective skills.
  • It measures and analyses attendance record.

Measuring students’ cognitive, affective and psychomotor performance is key to the success of any educational institution. Research has shown that teachers find this task rigorous and time consuming and, in the bid to combine this with their core duties, they often make some errors in the computation and analysis of the result. However, it should not be a rigorous and tedious task for educators.

In this 21st century, computation and analysis of students’ performance should transcend to ‘electronic’ to meet up with the pace of the changing trend of globalization and analysis of data.

It is on this premise that Prime Academy Resource, after thorough research, launched the SimpleSchool Grading and Analysis App (Pre-School, Pre-Primary and Primary/Secondary). With a click of a button or two, the educator does not only have the students’ academic performance graded, he also has a comprehensive analysis of each student performance, class overall performance and test items performance.

Prime Academy Resource is an organization poised and determined to make day-to-day work conditions seamless by providing affordable computing solutions to meet the growing demands of our esteemed partners.

We will be glad to offer your institution our product, SimpleSchool Grading and Analysis App to automate the grading and analysis of your students’ academic performance with 100% error free and automatic generation of report sheets.

It is divided into 3 types:

Pre-School App – click

Pre-Primary App

Primary & Secondary App – click

The Details of The App

This App is designed to test pupils on 7 major Learning Areas (Graded)and Next Step Expectation (Not Graded).

For example,


Data Entry Page

Fill in the students’ data; just click in the date of birth column to insert date from the pop up calendar.

Also, just click in the picture column, a dialog box opens for you to attach picture from your system.

Fill in the School details and others and the learning Areas.

Result Entry Page


It is believed that at this stage of learning, detailed explanation of pupils’ performance is needed.

So, detailed comment on each Learning Area is inputted for each pupil and a grade A, B or C is entered for each Learning Area.

For example:

A – Excellent; compared to others in the class

B – Very Good; at per with others in class

C – Making progress


Also, at the end of each term the Class Teacher and the Head of School write their comments for each child in the class.


This App is class based. It can accommodate 50 children per class. It can be duplicated for other classes in the school (Copy and paste).

Attendance Page


The attendance section is also well documented and analyzed. At the beginning of every term, the Attendance Start date and End date are set. Then, the App adjusts to the dates set for the term. Pupils are marked accordingly.

P – Present

A – Absent

L – Late

H – Holiday

As the teacher marks, the daily and termly analysis is done automatically. This will reflect on the pupils’ result page.

The Report Page

This is a detailed analysis of the pupils’ performance.

It Shows the following:

School’s details

  • Pupil’s Bio-data
  • Term & Session
  • Comment in each Learning Area
  • Grade in each Learning Area
  • Overall Grade
  • Attendance record and percentage
  • Class teacher’s Comment
  • Head of School’s Comment
  • Resumption date (to be edited on the Report Page)

“This App can be used for 50 pupils per class, It can be duplicated to cater for any number of classes. It’s extremely simple to use and highly efficient”

Printing and Email Section

To Print the Current Page, Click “Print Current Result in PDF”. This will convert the current School Fees details to PDF, then you can send to printer.

To Print all the School Fees of the Students in the Current Class on the Page, Click “Print ALL Results in PDF”. This converts all the fees of the students in the class to PDF, then you can send them to printer.

Sending Email

The Email Template: This shows the information that will go with the attached School fees you are sending for each child.

The variables in the two #, i.e. “# #” will be replaced by the actual names in the Email.

For example

#StdName# represents the Student’s name. If the Student’s name is Anna, #StdName# will be replaced with Anna in the Email.

Be careful when editing the Email Template. Do not change the texts of the variables. You can change other things if you need to.

Sending Mails

You can send the email with

  • Outlook
  • Gmail or
  • Yahoo

FOR OUTLOOK: If you have Microsoft outlook installed on your system;

Click “Send Current Result With Outlook” to send the current fee displayed to the parent’s email as computed on the info page. This opens Outlook with the customized message and the student’s school fees attached. You the click send.

Click “Send ALL Results With Outlook” to send all the school fees of students of the current class displayed at once.

This opens Outlook with the customized message and the students school fees attached. You then click send for each student.


First, click “CLICK TO SET USERNAME AND PASSWORD FOR GMAIL & YAHOO” tab to set mail address you are sending the message from. Note that this must be a valid Email and Password!

Click “SEND CURRENT RESULT WITH GMAIL” to send the current fees displayed via GMAIL.

Click “SEND ALL RESULTS WITH GMAIL” to send to all the students in the current class displayed at once via GMAIL.

Click “SEND CURRENT RESULT WITH YAHOO” to send the current fees displayed via YAHOO.

Click “SEND ALL RESULTS WITH YAHOO” to send to all the students in the current class displayed at once via YAHOO



When an Admin logs in, the Admin page opens.

Admin details;



You can change this after you log in.

Main Feature

  • Log in name and time: This is where the user name and log in time is stored.
  • Users Details Section: This is where you have the following:
  • Username: This is where you put names for users
  • Passcode: This is where you put password for each user
  • Allow Page: Click in the column and select pages (from drop down) in front of each user to assign pages that can be viewed by the user.
  • Current User: This displays current user’s name
  • Pages Name: This column displays the name of all the pages in the Application
  • Admin Username and Passcode: This is where you input Admin usernames and passwords. Admins have access to this page.

Other Tabs include

  • Show Users: The users username and password are automatically hidden. To show these you click this button
  • Show Admins: The users username and password are automatically hidden. To show these you click this button
  • Log in: Click to log in again or as a different user.
  • Show All Pages: Click to show all pages
  • Hide All Pages:  Click to hide all the pages
  • Navigate: Click to navigate to another page

If you need a different customization for your institution, we can do that for you. Contact us.

If you need a different customization for your institution, we can do that for you. Contact us.

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