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Research. Data Analysis. Education. Automation.Consulting

Research & Analysis

We carry out Research and Data analysis on subjects of interest.


We consult for organisations to achieve optimal performance,

Ms Excel Experts

We train clients on Excel functionalities and Macros.

"On Integrity and Dedication, Life Long Customer Service, Support Excellence and Sound Delivery we stand! "


We Recruit & train teachers. We supply Educational Materials.

App Development

We provide applications to automate organizational procecces.

Website Creation

We build interactive and responsive website for all businesses.

Why Choose Us?

Our Clients choose us because of we take pride in delivering

Fastest Work

Swift and Error Free Work.

High Skills

Outstanding at what we do.


Clean and Tidy delivery.

Proper Care

Enviable Pre and Post Service.

Digital Products
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Prime Academy Resource (PAT) is an organisation committed to excellence who gives clients value for their money in terms of Research and Analysis, Educational Consultation, Staff Training and Recruitment, Schools and Office Supplies and Creation of Organisation Automation Application.

SimpleSchool Grading and Analysis App is a new invention of PAT. An  application designed to meet the needs of educational institutions in terms of Grading and Analysis of students’ scores and reports.

SimpleSchool runs extensively both ONLINE and OFF-LINE to calculate students’ total and cumulative scores, averages, percentages, grades, positions and presents reports in figures and graphs.

Our Clients chose us because of our Three Core Values:

1. Integrity and Dedication

2. Life Long Customer Service and Support

3. Excellence and Sound Delivery

Our clients include; Schools (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institution), SME’s, Corporate Organisations and Entreprenuers.